bowflex max trainer

The Bowflex Max Trainer is a unique workout machine that successfully combines the triple movements of a stair-stepper, a treadmill and an elliptical trainer as per the Bowflex Max Trainer user reviews online. But compared to any of these, it offers much faster results because it helps the user to burn at least 2.5 times more calories than the treadmill. It was manufactured by the company Nautilus Inc. and popular as user-friendly equipment designed to offer you comprehensive body workouts to strengthen both the upper and lower body. The Max Trainer will not only give you upper body workouts while doing cardio, it will enhance your stamina and endurance levels. So, the body continues to burn calories even after the workout session is over.

How does the Bowflex Trainer work?

The Bowflex Max Trainer is believed to be a rather unique machine unlike the other standard treadmills which you will find in the market. This is because it uses reverse feet motion as if it were a reverse elliptical trainer. It will combine the movements of treadmills, stair-steppers and elliptical trainers, all into single equipment. Some users have described their experiences on the Max Trainer as similar to running up very steep hills.

The Max Trainer works towards working out each and every muscle group in your body. But all the workouts have zero impact. This means that you can get a full body exercise without hurting or injuring yourself. This equipment has been designed to achieve multiple targets at the same time. So, you can choose from different workout programs like Steady State or Stairs or Calorie Burn or Fat Burn. To burn the most number of calories, the Max Interval or Smart Max Interval workouts are recommended.

On this machine, your feet are expected to move in circular movements like the elliptical trainer. This ensures that your joints do not have to bear a lot of impact and stress. But, unlike other elliptical machines, this machine will train both your upper body muscles and lower body muscles simultaneously. The equipment comes with very wide foot planks so that it is stable and you will not fall off and hurt yourself. These planks will move in an up-and-down motion. The “arms” in this equipment also move in a front-and-back movement and come with V-shaped handles. When you are working out on this machine, the “Burn Rate” display will show how many calories you have successfully burned. You can choose from different resistance levels according to your capacity.

The machine is highly effective when it comes to losing weight and improving stamina, and it is also space saving. It has very minimum footprint and you can plug it anywhere in your home. The workout statistics will get transferred to your smartphones in an app which can also provide you with more workouts and tracking power.

After the Max Trainer M5, the M7 has also been recently launched with more advanced features. It is currently the topmost model offered by the company and has two extra workout programs, 4 additional resistance levels and upgraded handlebars. The M7 will not only track the progress and store the performance stats, it will also respond by adjusting according to your requirements. So, you are guaranteed to get even better workouts to enjoy faster results.