Sexually transmitted diseases are infections which spread from one person to another through unsafe and unprotected sex. If you needing a std test in san antonio , check out online for the most trusted centers. It is always advised to create awareness among youngsters regarding the complications of STD as stated in the site

Any person involving in sexual activity with multiple partners, unprotected are at risk. Virus, bacteria and different types of parasites spread the infection from one person to another. Let us get an idea about some of the dangerous STDs.


Chlamydia is an STD which is spread through sexual activity, and it is a bacterial infection. Men and women are equally infected by this STD. If diagnosed earlier, they can be treated and cured using antibiotics. Early diagnosis and treatment are vital for the cure of chlamydia. It is advised to speak to your partner before having sex and using protection to stop the spread of the bacteria.


Gonorrhea is also a bacterial infection which shows no symptoms at times. So most of the people mistake it for a simple infection, and it can remain undiagnosed. It can cause fever, joint pain, and rashes in the body. The disease is present in the throat and the rectum. Doctors would put you on antibiotics and please note that both gonorrhea and chlamydia can occur together, but they are curable.


HIV is the STD which everyone dreads about. There is no cure as such for HIV, but early diagnosis helps in spreading it to your loved ones, and lifelong treatment can be taken to reduce the pain and prevent the illness. There are no symptoms present for almost ten years, but after that, the damage is done. The immune system is ultimately affected and HIV can lead to AIDs and death would be the last stage.

These are some STDs which diagnosed and treated earlier, makes a lot of difference to your physical and emotional health.