Are you looking for a natural remedy to remove unwanted hair from your hands, face, back and legs? The causes of unwanted hair can be many such as an irregular menstrual cycle in women, hormonal imbalances, effects of certain kind of medication or pregnancy. Techniques of removing unwanted hair such as waxing, or electrolysis, laser hair removal and so on may be costly and painful. If you love your body and would like to keep it groomed in the best possible way, then you might prefer natural methods to remove unwanted hair at home. Daisy Buchanan shares her opinion about her mission to love her body via .

Try out some of these cost effective and natural home remedies to bid goodbye to unwanted hair.

Sugar Lemon Mix – a good fix for unwanted facial hair
Try out sugar that’s blended with lemon juice and water. This mixture acts as a good exfoliate, as well as, a natural bleach that would lighten your skin. Lemon juice has natural lightening properties and the power of these three wonderful ingredients would be a great remedy for removing any unwanted hair both on your face as well as other areas of your body. However avoid using this on the sensitive parts of your body as it may not suit those areas.

Mixture of Sugar, Honey and Lemon for hair on the legs and arms
A mixture of sugar in water along with lemon and honey acts wonders for your skin removing any unwanted hair. It is suitable for waxing your legs and arms. However, this procedure may be more painful as it is equivalent to the waxing or plucking that is done in parlors.

Potatoes and lentils
Potatoes in combination with yellow lentils act as an effective agent in removing unwanted hair. Just like lemon, potatoes also have natural bleaching properties and thus lighten the hair color. This is basically an ayurvedic method of hair removal that helps in removing facial hair and hair from other areas of the body as well.

Alum Rosewater Therapy
This is yet another effective method of hair removal commonly used in countries like Pakistan and India by women. Use alum in the powdered form along with rosewater.

Egg Mask used for removing facial hair
Egg white is found to be effective in removing facial hair just like honey, sugar or lemon mask. You can easily pull of the egg mask once it has dried up on your face. As the egg white is pulled down, you will find your unwanted hair also coming off along with the egg mask. There might be some pain as the dried mask of egg white is pulled off.

These natural and simple homemade remedies would however take more time to show the results and so it requires greater amount of patience while trying them out. These natural remedies are free from any harmful chemicals and are easy enough to prepare with the common ingredients that you would readily have in your home itself or you could just purchase them from your nearby local store. The results are worth noting as they would be free from any damages or side effects to your skin.