hair-loss-10Have you ever thought how thick your blood is? Does your blood thickness have a direct relation with heart diseases? The thickness of your blood, according to some threads of studies, depends on many factors. The more watery your blood, the better circulatory system you have in your body. The possible risks of developing cardiac arrest and stroke are due to the deposits of fat plaques at this site of blood pumping. To overcome the incidence of risks, many drugs are available in the market. However, you should know the benefits and dangers associated with them. It might be useful to visit if you or your friend had an incidence of a serious medical injury during any therapy.

Blood thinners are widely used drugs for all atherosclerotic patients. The Higher viscosity of blood creates barriers to the heart to pump blood. Therefore, it is more likely to form clots inside arterial walls of the heart. Blood thinners or anticoagulants work wonders when they are taken correctly. Despite certain restrictions like pregnancy or planning to get pregnant, anticoagulants can be safely used with the prescribed dose by a medical practitioner.

Communicate well with your doctor before starting the medicine. It is the good chemistry between you and your doctor that makes your drug safe to use. Let us see some facts about taking a blood thinner to keep yourself healthy. Newer blood thinners like Xarelto, Warfarin, etc. are cutting-edge drug delivery systems available in different forms. Practicing a fixed guidelines with your blood thinners can give remarkable effects on the body.

Your doctor discusses with you all the details of the medicament on your visit. So, it is wise to have a good discussion with him. Drug intake differs from individuals, so as the dosages. For instance, there are some anticoagulants that should be taken at the same time regularly. You should not miss the dose, and take the double dose the next day. If you are forgetful, it is wise to keep the timer to remember. A pill box with a slot for the daily tablet is the best method for keeping your medicine schedule. If you miss the dose, and your doctor is not available as well, don’t worry about it. Start with the tablet next day at the same time.

When you buy from the pharmacy, check the medicine with the prescription and the strip. Also, check for the expiry date and price. Does the medicine is the same as that of the prescribed one, are the color, shape and other features the same, every time you buy, can be noticed while buying. Medication errors are common with all the professionals; hence it is advisable to double check every aspect of the medicine.

Medication history is very important while starting a blood thinner. The doctor should know your previous incidence of diseases, whether you are under any other treatment for diseases like diabetes, arthritis, whether you take any multivitamins, over the counter medicines or herbal products, etc. Other medicines can interact with your blood thinners and may affect adversely.