There are many out there who consider that they look a good ten years older than their actual age due to wrinkles, acne, scars or exposure to the sun. Due to this many feel less confident than their peers. If you are also among those people who feels the same, the Picosure Laser treatment is for you. Initially Picosure was known as a cosmetic laser technique for removal of stubborn tattoos, but lately newer technologies have evolved which helps to improve skin tone, discoloration, removal of scars and reduce effects of aging. As per some surveys conducted by www.thetrendspotter.com, Picosure is less painful, needs lesser number of sessions and has a quick recovery time when compared to other treatments.

The skin which acts as a wall to the internal parts of the body is a mirror to so many things. Looking at the skin, you can tell the state of affairs of your internal organs apart from saying your age. Due to aging the skin loses its softness. But skin treatments with the use of latest technology can help to bring the youthfulness of the skin back.

How does it work?
The Picosure laser works by using short bursts of energy to the affected area for a minuscule amount of time. This photomechanical effect breaks the ink into small particles which are absorbed by the body and eliminated. The advantage of this treatment is that the surrounding areas are not affected. Even multiple tattoos which are multi color can be removed easily.

What skin issues can PicoSure resolve?
This laser therapy can solve a whole lot of skin issues like.
The sagging and drooping skin around the neck, eyes and the mouth.
Skin discoloration and pigmentation.
Scarring due to acne or any other accidents.
Removal of brown spots and damages.
Removal of tattoo.
This treatment works on the removal of the most stubborn tattoos. A trained dermatologist will use short bursts of a laser on the affected area to break the discolored sections of the skin. The body eliminates the colored portion by itself. This a noninvasive treatment which requires no anesthesia to be given. Moreover, the patient can get back to work immediately after the procedure.

How long does the process take?
The treatment is rapid and can last up to 30 minutes on an average. However, based on the size of the tattoo and the area of treatment, the session can last longer. There is minimal discomfort after treatment. Though there is no need for anesthesia, some treatments may need numbing. With proper pain management, the little trouble that you observe can be managed. You may see some redness in the region where it was treated but goes away with time.

Are there any side effects?
The area where the skin was treated will appear reddish for a few hours post-treatment. Apply sunscreen to the affected place for a few days. It is also very common for the skin to look swollen or turn reddish followed by blistering. Follow the post care instructions of applying ointments and bandage and also avoid exposing yourself to the sun for a week post-treatment.